Earn Steady and Passive Income - 12% per month Low risk and safe investment. Generate additional cash flow.

Our team has developed a safe forex and cryptocurrency trading method generating so called "REBATES" paid by an introducing broker. We also invest your money in sports betting based on our own developed algorithms to provide additional value. We do REAL INVESTMENTS in forex, cryptocurrencies and sports betting. We call it REBATES INCOME.

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About us Team of Experts

RebatesIncome is an international financial organization. We established our team in January 2021. We founded our company based on the idea of receiving investments from customers to grow and share our profits with them.

RebatesIncome works with a team of experts in forex, trading and sports betting. We guarantee stable profits to our investors. The company has a solid capital basis owned by company, which is guaranteed for the investors.

Investors can earn money without making direct risk decisions. We have developed a low risk and safe system that guarantees consistent passive income in two different investment plans. After the investor deposits, they are able to invest and earn 3% per week or 12% per month in guaranteed passive income.

Our team of experts has developed a safe forex and cryptocurrency trading method generating so called "REBATES" paid by an introducing broker. Rebates paid by introducing brokers are completely risk-free (to the investor). We also invest your money in sports betting based on our own developed algorithms to provide additional value. We invest in so-called “VALUE BETS”. We make REAL trades and investments in forex accounts, cryptocurrencies, and sports betting platforms.
The investors only job is to receive the passive income we generate.



Our forex broker: icmarkets.com
Our introducing broker (paying rebates): rebatekingfx.com
Our sportbooks: pinnacle.com and sportmarket.com

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Steady and passive Monthly Income Safe and guaranteed

We offer only two plans and on a weekly or monthly basis only. Our plans generate a Steady and Realistic Monthly Passive Income. We do REAL INVESTMENTS and pay out REAL PROFITS made. REAL INVESTMENTS AND REAL PROFITS NEED PATIENCE.

Rebates Income Plan - Weekly

  • Return 3%
  • Every Week
  • For 1 Week
  • Total 3% + Capital
$10 - $100000
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Rebates Income Plan - Monthly

  • Return 12%
  • Every Month
  • For 1 Month
  • Total 12% + Capital
$10 - $100000
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Earn Steady Passive Monthly Income - 12 % per month

Our goal is to provide our investors with a reliable source of steady passive REAL INCOME, while minimizing any possible risks and offering a high-quality service.

Legal Company

Our company conducts absolutely legal activities in the legal field. We are certified to operate investment business, we are legal and safe.

High reliability

We are trusted by a huge number of people. We are working hard constantly to improve the level of our security system and minimize possible risks.


Security and using PayPal as a payment instrument. In the era of fast and secure deposits and investments – this is one of the most convenient ways of cooperation. NO DEPOSIT COSTS.

Quick Withdrawal

Our all retreats are treated spontaneously once requested. There are high maximum limits. The minimum withdrawal amount is only $10 .

24/7 Support

We provide 24/7 customer support through e-mail and telegram. Our support representatives are periodically available to elucidate any difficulty.

Dedicated Server

We are using a dedicated server for the website which allows us exclusive use of the resources of the entire server.

SSL Secured

Comodo Essential-SSL Security encryption confirms that the presented content is genuine and legitimate.

DDOS Protection

We are using one of the most experienced, professional, and trusted DDoS Protection and mitigation provider.

Profit Calculator

You must know the calculation before investing in any plan, so you never make mistakes. Check the calculation and you will get as our calculator says.

How Rebates Income Works

Get involved in our tremendous platform and Invest. We invest your money and give you profit in your wallet automatically.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions regarding our platform. If you have a query that is not answered here, please contact us.

You can deposit after you have signed up on the website. Deposits are only possible by PayPal as the money is invested in REAL forex accounts and REAL regulated sportsbooks which may not accept cryptocurrencies, but allow immediate deposits by PayPal.

You can see this anytime on your accounts dashboard.

Visit the password reset page, type in your email address and click the `Reset`.

You will get an automatic notification once we send the funds and you can always check your transactions or account balance. Your chosen payment system dictates how long it will take for the funds to reach you.

You can withdraw the full amount of your account balance minus the funds currently used to support open positions.

Please allow us up to 10 working days for pay out after a period of 30 days. As the money is invested in REAL forex and sportsbook accounts it may take some time to withdraw the money from such accounts.

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This is a Revolutionary Money Making Platform! Invest for Future in Stable Platform. Get Steady and Passive Income on a monthly basis. We guarantee steady and reliable returns on your investments, We guarantee the security of your investment.

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Payment Methods

We accept payments via PayPal in USD only in order to keep the costs as low as possible. NO DEPOSIT COSTS. Other payment methods can be accepted upon request.